As you most certainly know by now we have a facebook page.

But! Since there has been some wishes for a social plattform

on facebook aswell where people can post photos of their cats.

We have also started a group. Use it for whatever you want as 

loing as it is somewhat legal-ish.

Facebook Group - Facebook Page

We're gaming Wildstar!

UmbranoS AdminSG Bro posted Sep 23, 15

Join us in Wildstar! As free2play is coming up quickly many of our gamers have been getting into the game again.

As of now we have a fun and friendly atmosphere going on and we have people sitting in teamspeak all evenings of the week.

At the moment there isn't any raiding to talk about. People are doing dungeons and adventures but are still in the midst of leveling up.

Some of the old raiders from Rift are going for raiding in wildstar aswell. So, if you are new to the game and want to get in on raiding in a comfortable pase, join up!

We are doing our best to recruit new players and if you know any facebook group or forum where it would be good to recruit players, you can just use our recruitment post to spread the word! 


Xtrfy unveils new gaming mouse!

UmbranoS AdminSG Bro posted Jun 13, 15

At dreamhack this weekend? Swing by Xtrfy's booth and tryout their new gaming mouse!

You can read more about it here

Drunken Prop Hunt #5! EASTER EDITION!

UmbranoS AdminSG Bro posted Mar 31, 15

Drunken Prop Hunt #5!


So we're at it again! Drunken Prop Hunt this saturday!
What you need: Cs:Source, Garry's Mod & an alcoholic beverage of your choice.

make sure to be online in our Drunken Prop Hunt channel in our teamspeak, since no one on teamspeak will be kicked to make room

Set attendance on our facebook event:

We have a CS:GO Lineup!

UmbranoS AdminSG Bro posted Jan 11, 15
After two months with a lot of changes , we can now give you the new Syphus Gaming CS : GO lineup!

After many roster changes and many tryouts we come down to this lineup , we believe we can reach the top with this team, and will do our best to stand out. I know that we now have five good individual players who can make it to the top and I have high expectations for our team ! - John " Qwinzor " Henström ( Manager)

The new lineup consists of four new plays and an old :
Gabriel "Gabske-" Makdissi
Andy " H4GSTRÖM " Hagstrom
Oscar " p0weR " Arenstrand
Måns " PUNANII " Dahlgren
Jesper " Haawk " Hakansson

We wish them good luck in the future!